...the built environment must give a sense of well-being and compatibility...


ICON is an award winning international design firm founded in 1995 by Hanif Daud. Since, the firm has designed and realized projects, which extend across a wide typological spectrum, constituting a great variety in terms of form, material and structure. In a short period of time Mr. Daud established ICON as a leading design firm with ever growing base of clients in key markets throughout the globe.

Currently, ICON has corporate studios in USA, Belgium and Pakistan. Each studio provides strategic support using the latest digital technologies to form a global network of experts. With highly skilled team of professionals, comprehensive services and resources, ICON can take a project in any part of the world from initial concepts through engineering, construction documents and project management.


At ICON, we believe that the built environment must fulfill the needs of the people, both spiritually and physically. As such, the domain of culture, climate and context are central to our design philosophy. These are, however, the starting points of the larger design process. The ultimate creation of meaningful architecture is a rigorous synthesis of many parts: invention, symbolism, form, texture, movement, relationship to the surroundings, sustainability, services and character. The question of utmost importance is the determination of a buildings’ effect on its users and onlookers; can it elevate ones’ sense of well being and compatibility? A “whole” or completeness in architecture-design is achieved when the design has acknowledged, translated and incorporated all these elements.

Equally significant to our practice is the commitment to our clients. This is evident from the level of personal service we assign to all our projects. Our clients also appreciate us for valuing their resources of cost and time.

The design philosophy of ICON is to move forward from the past and explore the endless possibilities of the constantly changing future. The principles of the past may help us to understand ourselves better, but it cannot be the sole engine to define our present or future. We will express our time. The challenge is to thus, rediscover and redefine. There is also a conscious resolve of not repeating oneself, and strive for a progression and development of ones’ design discourse.

The creation and conception of the built environment must entail a constant dialogue- to bring together the myriad of realities into the realm of a designers' world of wonder and imagination.


ICON is an award winning international design firm. ICON is comprised of reputed and experienced designers, planners and engineers with a standing of several years in the profession. The firm has designed and supervised a variety of buildings and complexes ranging from residential units to projects in communities, mixed-use, commercial, recreation, education, aviation and aerospace, infrastructure, industrial and health sector. In addition to planning assignments, ICON has also undertaken outline development plans, structure plans, master/site plans of various housing schemes and analysis of urban/regional development in different contexts. In this regard, the clients have been the government/semi government departments and the public sector.

The scope of consultancy services encompasses the disciplines of design, historic preservations, environmental / sustainable design, urban planning, structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), construction / project management and cost management for a wide range of projects.

ICON has collaborated with various national and international consultant groups for providing specialized services in professional fields. Our international studios are in the following locations:

ICON-APBE Brussels, Belgium
ICON Karachi, Pakistan