Client: Walt Disney Company

Scope of services

  • Concept Design
  • Master Planning
  • Architecture


Project Area
100,000 sqm

Tokyo, Japan

The “Star Tours” attraction in Tokyo Disneyland is located in one of the most congested areas of the Park. Over 2000 people an hour go through this exciting simulator ride. The AstroZone was designed as a post Star Tours experience and serves as a filter for guests exiting the ride. This highly successful commercial complex has restaurants, retail stores and gift shops to entertain guests as they leave the attraction. The building covers about 100,000 sq. ft. of space on two floors. Lasers and multi-media shows entertain guests after dark. The Star Tours ride in Tokyo Disneyland contains six simulators and guests exit the ride 30ft. above ground. A bridge was designed to move people away from the entry below and filter guests to other areas of the park. The theme and function of the development was based on a back-story suggesting an alien intelligence that had crashed on this site and constructed a base from parts of the damaged space ship to communicate with its home planet. The feature tower represents this communication center and creates a light show at night to entertain guests.

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