Client: Government of China

Scope of Services

  • Urban Planning (Study)
  • Land Use Plan and Design Guidelines
  • Facility Study
  • Programming
  • Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Architecture

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong was re-united with China in 1997. In commemoration of this historic event the Government of China wanted to create a landmark structure that would rival famous monuments around the world. Our suggestion was the Dragon Pearl Bridge that connects Hong Kong with Kowloon on Mainland China. The project represents the latest advances in structural technologies and materials creating a cable-stayed structure spanning one kilometer across Victoria Harbor. The Bridge is anchored on both ends by massive mixed-use towers, which serve as the “economic engines” for the project. The towers are connected by a people mover suspended under the deck of the Bridge for spectacular views of the Harbor. Each tower contains a marina, parking structure, shopping center, offices and luxury apartments capped by an observation deck and heliport. “The Pearl”, suspended in mid-span encloses a museum and a restaurant for visitors.

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