Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
/ Architecture
  • FF&E Coordination
  • Landscape Concept & Coordination

Project Size
3,100 SFT (Plot size: 500-sqyd)

Karachi, Pakistan

Design of this residence was accentuated by some very unusual requirements. It is a single lady’s residence with all the activities and spaces organized around her life style. The client is a prominent surgeon possessing a profound sense of appreciation for arts, aesthetics and landscape. Her lifestyle reflects the routine of an accomplished professional who intends to combine working areas with living spaces. The design has blended these interesting sets of requirements into an exquisite solution. The basic design concept is the juxtaposition of solids and voids in a way which integrates the inside to the outside, acknowledges the privacy needs of the client and creates a climatically sensitive living condition. The heart of the house is the double height living space, carefully separated yet connected without any physical demarcation to the study and kitchen area.

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