Client: Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

Scope of Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Planning
  • Landscape Coordination

Project Area
59,301 SFT

Karachi, Pakistan

The New Girls Hostel building is designed on the concept of climate friendly design that takes its inspiration from traditional architectural principles. The building is conceived around two large courtyard spaces, with a central pivot of reception and related facilities. Such a planning creates an external “inviting” entrance courtyard where the user while ascending the stair or the ramp already feels the part of the building. This court is also reflected at the backside. Both are designed to contain sitting / waiting areas and made enjoyable and human through careful landscape. Clarity of use and expression is one of the prime objectives of this design. As one enters the Hostel building, a gracious centrally placed Reception counter greets the students. Banked against this are the administration / student offices. The Computer Lab and server are also placed in this area for easy control and access by the administration staff. The main circulation staircases of both the blocks are placed at both sides of the entrance, again, to keep circulation clear and simple. Consciously, the facilities block is kept separate and no rooms are placed here, because noise level in this area may disturb the inhabitants. A thirty-room block on right side ground floor, first floor and second floor neatly achieves the 150 single room accommodation requirement. The Studio Apartment of the Hostel Superintendent is juxtaposed in the center core overlooking the entrance, and ready access to both floors through an internal linking staircase for security and control.

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