Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
/ Architecture
  • FF&E Coordination
  • Landscape Concept & Coordination

Project Size
5,600 SFT (Plot size: 600 sqyd)

Karachi, Pakistan

Triangular plots (commonly called “samosa plots”) seem to have limited design possibilities. The task of carving spaces into this 600 sq yd plot was both challenging and fun. Here, the triangle is chiseled to create solid and void, and heightened by texture and color.

The wall along the main road is the datum of this exploration. It is rendered in RCC exposed finish, which is executed in 6” wide new wood shuttering; then carefully composed to cater for openings and marble bands. The new wood shuttering gives a clean finish- it also leaves the impression of the wood, the texture of concrete. The marble lines lend a formality and visual balance to the form. This finish is also the result of an analysis of permanent finishes, which proved this to be one of the least expensive options, and which is also structural in nature. (Needles to say, the cost and result of this method is very different from fair face using metal shuttering.)

The key design objective was to ensure that all spaces open to a view of a green area or the sky. Inside, the triangular plot is dealt with by creating a central open-to-sky atrium and juxtaposed on the sides are the formal room, lounge and connecting corridor along the dining area. Thus the central open space, physically and visually connects all the inside living spaces and gives a sense of layering and richness to the house. When the sliding doors of all these areas are opened wide- the space with the central court becomes one. This allows for entertaining in a large, perceivably single space. In combination with the dark wood and the roughness of the concrete, use of colors creates warmth and an exciting contrast.

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