Client: Institute of Architects & Planners

Scope of Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Visioning
  • Architecture

Project Size
1,05,845 SFT

Islamabad, Pakistan

The site being part of larger agriculture or farmland is conceived as an extension of the adjoining fields. Thus the building layout and form derives its inspiration from the rural architecture principles in a modern idiom. The proposal has attempted to instill the merits of nature while remaining honest in approach to the client’s brief. In the given context the skillful manipulation of rejection and acceptance through the placement of semi detached volumes play a definitive role to keep out the external world and to protect the world inside. This relationship between inside and outside is based on the act of cutting, allowing wind, sunlight, sky, and landscape to be assimilated as the aspect of the architecture. All the major activities or frequently used spaces have been placed on the ground level around the courtyard (Sahn). The courtyard acts not only as a entry foyer and circulation area but can be added as spill over space for various indoor activities like group meeting point, informal training area and social events space with visually pleasing green areas and reflecting pool on sides. Within the building the use of intervening indoors and outdoors spaces (verandah type) breaks the monotony of redundant circulation thus making them usable spaces for variety of purposes physically and visually.
Only the offices have been placed on the upper level due to its nature of activity, which requires focus, concentration and privacy. In addition, by placing them on the upper level allows the work area to capture the abundant north light and view of the adjoining lush fields. The architectural language of this design does not follow any clichéd style, but is rather conceived as an unimposing, humble building but with rich spatial experience.

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