Client: CalTrans

Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Planning
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design / FF&E Design

California, USA

Telematics and Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) are changing the vehicles we drive. Roads will be equipped with advanced sensors to maintain and monitor the flow of traffic for maximum efficiency. Zero Emission Vehicles will communicate with each other to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience. Automation will eliminate manual control systems minimizing driver interaction with vehicles. Advanced Guidance Systems (AGS) are being developed to electronically connect vehicles with each other and transport people between any two points in a seamless and efficient matrix. Manufacturers, planners and government agencies are working together to create this vision of the future. Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) represent the latest advances in RFID technologies, sensors, optical scanners and GPS systems. The increase in vehicular traffic means that we have to understand the capabilities of the vehicles related to road conditions. Most accidents are directly caused by loss of driver control. Many factors are responsible but if we could eliminate control of vehicles by people, we could substantially reduce congestion, accidents and many traffic problems. Our work in this area concentrates on “driverless vehicles”. We are planning the highways of the future, where automobiles communicate directly with the road and other vehicles, maintaining precise distances and constantly monitoring traffic flow. Future urban master planning concepts will redefine our cities and help to develop infrastructure-using technologies that will dramatically improve the quality of life and promote a healthy, eco-friendly environment.

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