Client: Gulfstream / Ford / Pullman

Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
/ Architecture
  • FF&E Design

Scope of Services
Attractive and efficient interiors for private jets and boats gave us the opportunity to explore the use of unique materials that can meet the rigorous demands of industry and still provide the comfort and style demanded by clients. New composite technologies can simulate a variety of textures and finishes, which are stronger and lighter than traditional materials. LED lighting saves power, provides tremendous flexibility and lasts much longer than incandescent sources. We understand these applications and are positioned to create the interiors of the vehicles of the future. New technologies are providing opportunities for applications that enhance the interiors of vehicles, boats and aircraft. They provide visual appeal as well as efficiencies that were unavailable a few years ago. LED’s last a long time reducing service and maintenance requirements. Expensive natural materials can be replaced by composites that easily replicate the original providing a luxurious feel and texture. Glass panels that are sensitive to voltage fluctuations can be transformed into screens of varying densities to minimize solar gain. Sensors designed for voice commands can replace manual controls. We understand these systems and are positioned to create the vehicles of the future.

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