Client: Pakistan Navy

Scope of Services

  • Facility Study
  • Programming
  • Concept design
  • Planning
  • Architecture

Karachi, Pakistan

Museums generally have a very flexible program, they are as educational as commercial, they have the polarity of being active and sustained at the same time. The library also has the polarity of offerings both education and active entertainment to its users; we wanted the Central Navy Library, meant to cater the general public as well as the Navy related people, to benefit the most from the education that a museum imparts in experience. A Navy Library in any other place of residential setup would have proved boring and uninviting. We believe activities as of a library in this age should be fused with commercial activities to make them inviting enough. To let the library stay unaffected by the activities around it; we have designed it in such a way acoustically the library stays disconnected from the surrounding completely; offering them concentration and visual activities in the right proportion.

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