Client: Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

Scope of Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Planning
  • Landscape Coordination

Project Area
3.2 Acres

Karachi, Pakistan

The City Campus of IBA is a typical urban campus of a large Metropolitan. The L-shaped site has couple of inherent constraints to be worked around i.e. the existing buildings, physical limits (i.e. shape) and a large number of beautiful old trees in the campus. The Master plan of the City Campus – IBA has been developed with the primary intent to preserve the open spaces with existing old trees which adds quality to the daily life of the campus located in the densely populated neighborhood and to cater for the rapidly growing need of the institute for its faculty, students and facilities to meet the international standards. After reviewing various options the proposed Master plan proposes the demolition of existing Auditorium and Library (which were single storey structures with no possibilities of any kind of useful expansion) to be replaced by high-rise building. This solution not only allows the campus to retain its open spaces dotted with old trees but also caters to their current and future space requirement. The building basements will accommodate the Car-parking requirement of the campus thus substantially reducing the on grade parking in the open spaces.

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