Client: Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

Scope of Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Planning
  • Landscape Coordination

Karachi, Pakistan

The IBA campus is an independent gated campus within the main campus of Karachi University (KU). The existing campus of IBA is “L” shaped site measuring 22 acres, comprised of four buildings i.e. Administration Block, Library, Academic Block and Auditorium. All the four buildings are set around a rectangular courtyard on eastern side Administration Block, western side Academic Block and northern side Auditorium and Library. The southern side of the courtyard faces road (the only access to the site). Since we were also assigned to do the master plan for both the campuses of IBA i.e. Main & City. Therefore our assessment of the site entailed analysis of the existing campus and then individual buildings relationship within the overall context. The existing IBA campus had no historical precedent or evident design philosophy. We studied the concept of KU campus and its buildings designed by the famous French Architect Michel Ecochard, in the context of being part of KU campus. Master plan of IBA was developed with the intent to create a variety of dynamic outdoor spaces, which lead to an inviting threshold of enclosed functions. The entire planning concept was to create distinct segregation
between vehicular and pedestrian movement, linkages, transition, creation of view & vistas, binding of indoor and outdoor spaces, sensitive and consistent use of ramps. The edges of the site have been defined and demarcated through landscape elements and trees. Vehicular Corridor lined with trees run on the periphery feeding the campus at various nodes.

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