Client: Premier Cables (Pvt.)Limited
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Scope of Services

  • Concept Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design / Architecture
  • Fit Planning
  • FF&E Design & Coordination

Project Size
7,000 SFT

Karachi, Pakistan

The aim of this project was to produce Architecture independent from the noisy street setting and possessing its own private world. The tranquility of the building’s exterior belies the drama within. One is confronted with a central Atrium – a vertically oriented space whose unconventional presence is over whelming. Rising up two floors, from ground level, the atrium accounts for 1/3 of the building volume. The ascending and descending flights of steps create an “Escher” kind of volumetric spatial experience. The unifying character of the space is the “Eye Shaped” skylight creating a gentle and tender mood evoked by the directionless diffused light entering through it. The main staircase from ground level to first level is silhouetted against the back wall of the building with large Stained Glass Panel (inspired from the Tree of Life Design by Frank Lloyd Wright), allowing diffusion of stark southern side day light and gently accentuating the space with color. On the other hand it helps in obstructing the view and guarding the privacy of the occupant. The building has three levels and achieves clear articulation of zones due to its axial symmetry in plan and the opening up of the central volume from upper levels in section.

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