Client: Cutchi Memon Jamat

Scope of Services

  • Building and Site Assessment
  • As Built Drawings & Documentation
  • Preservation & Restoration Guidelines
  • Adaptive re-use plan
  • Concept Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design / Architecture
  • FF&E Design & Coordination

Project Area
13,050 SFT

Karachi, Pakistan

The Cutchi Memon Mosque was constructed in 1893 which makes it more than a hundred years old. The mosque is still in a good condition and has been renovated time after time, whereas the adjacent building (Master House) and the latter additions appear shabby and uncoordinated with the original structure of the mosque. All the additions constructed without conformity with the original design of the mosque will be removed in order to bring the mosque to its original state. Although the Master House will be replaced to be reintegrated with the program of the mosque (thus to act as its extension) helping to increase the capacity of the prayer hall. The mosque appears to be set off from the main road due to a row of encroached shops that open on to the main road. This wrap-around of encroached shops, demarcating the base of the mosque’s front façade, has blocked the central space in between the Master House building and the mosque itself. This central space has great significance for the circulation in and around the mosque. Apart from the clutter of spaces the
encroachments have ensued, they lend an eye sore to the elevation of the mosque and make it appear much busier and polluted than it actually is. In order to restore the central area’s significance, all encroachments will be removed and the main central entrance will be reintroduced with a ramp for the handicapped and elderly. All measures will be taken to increase the capacity inside the building and to improve the circulation in and around the mosque to ensure maximum accommodation of attendants. A floor was added much recently to the rooftop of the mosque, making a Second floor, which has no design resemblance with the old structure. To facilitate restoration of the original elevation of the mosque, this additional floor will be demolished and a new structure will be added behind the existing added floor; finished in a bold and contemporary finish it will enhance the history and age of the original structure.

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