Client: SpaceHab Corporation
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Scope of Services

  • Concept Design
  • Interior Design
  • FF&E Design

California, USA

SpaceHab Corporation approached our team to help develop the first commercial mission-module for the Shuttle fleet. SpaceHab is a small research lab that can be loaded on any Shuttle flight. All systems are secure and operate totally independent of the Shuttle. After returning to Earth, the Module is shipped to a secure destination where scientists can analyze collected data. We designed the hardware and the equipment needed to work efficiently in this restricted space using custom built workstations for research scientists. The first commercial application for the Shuttle fleet was the SpaceHab module. SpaceHab was designed as lab for scientist to work in zero gravity and study new materials and methods that will serve as the building blocks for future terrestrial and extra-terrestrial development. Three scientists could work in a mission module that was loaded in the Shuttle cargo bay. On return to Earth the module could be lifted out of the Shuttle and transported to a research facility for advanced work and study conducted in Space. Highly classified information gathered in orbit was kept secure within module until its return to Earth. We developed the concepts for the SpaceHab, which was constructed in Italy, and unique hardware was created to enable scientists to work efficiently in this confined space.

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