Client: Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

Scope of Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Architecture

Project Area
22,000 SFT

Karachi, Pakistan

The architecture of the proposed Student Center is an expression of freedom, openness and fun. All the functional spaces are composed around central courtyard (amphitheatre). This planning achieves many objectives:
It brings together the inside / outside relationship
Provides green view from all indoor spaces
Case of social events the indoor spaces become part of the central courtyard
The Canopy roof (with pergola) on top of the court yard (amphitheater) gives much needed shadow and depth to the building
Architecturally the forms that result are expressive and visually interesting
The essence of the design – like all traditional buildings in Pakistan- is based on climate friendly design- cross ventilation and careful use of openings to the outside spaces that are a part of the architecture and hence more user friendly. The use of movable screen between the colonnades of the Canopy roof is to provide shade to the central courtyard, which faces south according to the sun angle and orientation.
All the major activities or frequently used spaces have been placed on the ground level around the central courtyard (amphitheater). The amphitheater acts not only as a circulation area but also a meeting point and a social events space. For Student social activities this space can become an ideal area, with visually pleasing green areas and reflecting pool on sides and can be added as sitting/functional areas. The use of water body / reflecting around the columns towards the southern side helps the southwest breeze to cool before entering the breeze.

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