Client: Government of Dubai

Scope of Services

  • Visioning
  • Concept Design
  • Master Planning


The Government of Dubai requested the design of a landmark structure to celebrate the accomplishments of the UAE. Our suggestion was a 300 meter tower that would serve as a cultural museum with a library and offices located in the base structure and the “Pearl”, which is a sphere enclosing a restaurant and observation platform at the top of the tower. The structure is sited in a public park with a large lake and features a traditional Dhow, which serves as a restaurant anchored at the end of the pier, for the enjoyment of all visitors. Dubai has become famous as a destination in the Middle East. A major airline hub has transformed the desert into one of the most desirable destinations in the region. The Government of Dubai requested a design for a monumental structure that would identify Dubai as a global city. Our solution was to build on the culture and heritage of the region using the latest advances in technology to create a landmark structure that would serve as an educational and cultural icon for the people of Dubai.

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