Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept design
  • Interior Design
/ Architecture
  • FF&E Coordination
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Concept & Coordination

Project Size
9,579SFT (Plot size: 2000 sqyd)

Karachi, Pakistan

This particular residence is an attempt towards Architecture which represents dreams, emotions, and individuality against the backdrop of history, culture and climate .A conscious effort was made to use Colors, Textures, Motif, Local materials (e.g. Marble and Concrete Tiles for flooring, Local Craft (e.g. use of Glazed Ceramic Tiles from Hala, Sindh and Pre-cast concrete tiles in customized design for wall cladding, plinth protection etc.), Local traditional wrought iron casting technique which is dying form these days for casting the Verandah Screens and other details. While developing the plans utilization of roof over the (Drawing Room, Study & Dining Room) – Orientation in terms of light, wind and use of homogenous and multilayered landscape allows one to experience the changing expression of nature throughout the day. The interplay of light with the ornate screens creates a rhythmic play of screen motif (shadow) dancing around the spaces and surfaces.

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