Client: ESPN and Walt Disney

Scope of Services

  • Programming
  • Visioning
  • Concept Design

The Walt Disney Company regularly receives requests to build projects all over the world. We developed these concepts as stand alone attractions that could be built in any large city. Urban Entertainment Centers will be managed and branded by Disney and could include existing modular attractions such as Disney Stores, Disney Quest and Disney Fair. ESPN Sports could be a major anchor featuring all types of simulated games using exciting new A/V technologies. Additional features included strategic partnerships with major retail stores and restaurants to create a unique attraction on a much smaller footprint compared to a traditional Disney park, providing entertainment for all segments of the society. People are constantly amazed at the efficiency and quality within a Disney park. This requires considerable resources, planning and experience, which is Disney’s intellectual property, and cannot be replicated without a detailed feasibility study. Our mandate was to attempt to deliver a Disney experience using limited resources within a small footprint. Urban Entertainment Centers could be designed with existing modular components to fit into different locations in any large city. These include Disney Stores, ESPN Sports, House of Blues, Tower Records and many other attractions.

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